Perform or write your story, your message 

Create a platform for your brand to dominate your niche

Your content is the most powerful tool for your brand today

General content is a commodity. Learn how to use advanced content strategies to stand out, get attention and engagement. Learn to create your authority, you will pay yourself better and work less.

You must tell your story or others will do it for you. Of not, you become a commodity and simply get lost in the flood of information on the internet. Real estate is facing challenges, and those who create leadership positions today will have greater success tomorrow. 


The marketplace is crowded. What if your business card was a book? This is one of the strategies you can implement when you become a published author. Tell your story and differentiate your brand. We will show you how.

   Best Seller in 3 Categories

Writing and publishing for business is a combination of art and science. There are a formula, process, and set of tasks. The most important element is the message and the story. The art of telling the story well is part of our services. We used both our knowledge and skill to create our own #1 best seller on Amazon. Our hybrid publishing platform has created over a thousand successes and is changing the industry.

Amazon ranks books in categories. YPEN was the #1 best seller in business, buying and selling on the internet, real estate and mortgages and real estate sales.  There are categories for most industries and specialties, and we help you create the dominant position in yours.

If you have a story to tell, we can help you write it and, if you are not a writer, we will show you how to perform your book. From raw idea to published author, your content will be broadcast and your expertise will be positioned. We build your success step by step throughout the campaign. This is one of the most powerful marketing strategies today.

If you don't want to write a full book and get published it's okay. This strategy is for anyone. Work with us for your articles, blogposts or a small ebook. They can add up to a great book later. It is all about using your voice and your message.

A very special offer for you

If you are in real estate, we invite you to participate in the new "Your Property Everywhere Now" 2018 edition, "The Peoples Choice", an update to our best seller. Be part of the project and let your voice be heard in your industry. Tell us your story and share your knowledge. We are looking for people who have expertise, authenticity and success stories to share with the world.

Tell your story in a few pages or more. Fill out the form and we will send you an outline of how to tell and sell, using your story for business. Create your brand position now and take the lead.


  • Establish a platform and leadership position  
  • Differentiate your brand authentically
  • Introduce a unique identity and voice for your message
  • Take the opportunity to implement game changing marketing strategies

Your Message, Everywhere Now

Establishing your voice in your industry or niche is a branding knockout. Building a platform with a book gives you a leadership position and differentiates your brand. It is the ultimate in content marketing and inbound marketing strategy.  


By publishing and broadcasting your book, your content, message and brand get noticed


WIth your voice, you create more depth in your interactions, build relationships using your expertise and authentic qualities. You create value and solutions for your audience.


We will take you through the business strategy to use the book to create the ultimate marketing platform.  Every step in the process has an action and real world application to build results. You do not just wait until the end.  Build your revenue and relationships, the two most important areas in your business.  It works in every type of industry and market.

Fiil out the info above and take the sext step to writin your story, be it a book or something else. We invite you ro be a best selleing author with your own voice or to get involved with ours.

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